HSR Initiatives

In terms of their initiatives, Yote shuns the term “CSR” (Corporate Social Responsibility) We see CSR as a concept that often becomes a checkbox for larger corporations, something that’s expected rather than genuinely embraced.

We at Yarns of the East have adopted and embraced a new term called “HSR” (Human Social Responsibility)
We firmly believe that giving back and growing communities together should be everyone’s responsibility and not just when one has a little to spare.
As a result, we’ve made sure HSR is part of our DNA right from its inception. Yote. allocates 1% of its revenue to support the education and healthcare needs of the weavers and their families, with plans to increase this commitment as their brand continues to grow.

We have carefully chosen the organizations based on our values and priorities and how their contributions will help create change we long to see in the immediate future.

"With great powers come great responsibilities"
Uncle Ben
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Care & Fair

We’ve pledged to give 1% of all our revenue to causes that help change people’s lives for the better. As a part of this commitment, we’ve partnered with CARE & FAIR, a worldwide association for Carpet Trade Against Child Labour, to help abolish illegal child labor and improve living conditions for weavers and their families in India, Nepal, and Pakistan.

Care & Fair Magic

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CARE & FAIR offers several programs and initiatives to support their mission. One of their key initiatives is providing education to children in carpet-weaving communities

CARE & FAIR also conducts advocacy and awareness-raising campaigns to promote fair labor practices and encourage ethical consumerism
They work with carpet industry stakeholders to raise awareness of the issue of child labor and encourage them to take action to address it

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